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A Professional Headshot Brings Success

How To Look Your Best
In Every Photo –

…even if you hate your pictures!

Hi, my name is Rico Dence and I want to let you in on a little secret…

It’s about learning  “How To Look Your Best In Every Photo” – even if you hate getting your picture taken… if you think you’re not photogenic… if you’re camera-shy… or any other excuses that are keeping you from having a professional “headshot” photo you can be PROUD of!  We can get one.. maybe even more ;)

My specialty is professional headshot photography – and I know how to help you FEEL your best – so you can LOOK your best when you’re getting your picture taken at the photo shoot!

It’s ALL about HOW YOU FEEL – not if you think your hair is right or your make-up or clothing looks good. None of that really matters.

Instead, good photography comes into your face and “gets inside your head” and lets the camera SEE the beautiful person inside you!

I know how to make that “magic moment” happen..!!

That’s why I’m probably the most highly sought-after portrait and headshot photographer in the Hartford Connecticut area.

I would welcome the chance to show you how I can make you look your absolute BEST – no matter what you might “think” of your ability to take good photos!

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