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Don't underestimate the importance of bonding with your wedding photographer! At Ricos Photography we enjoy Connecticut with all types of peeps.  Yes even the Bridezillas. Here is something to consider. When choosing a wedding photographer.

4 Styles Wedding Photography Styles. 

  • Documentary aka (photojournalistic wedding photography): Photos are candid or spontaneous pictures, and not styled. Photos include the smorgusboard of food before the pesky guest dig into the yummy wedding food delight, to the wedding guest who know how make the party fun.  With this style you typically don’t see people viewing into the camera.  Other words, photojournalistic wedding photography is a photo story of your wedding day. 
  • Portraiture Photography:The classical formal photos style is where you pose with friends and family in front of the camera. It is kind of like your parents wedding album.     
  • Fine Art Photography:  The style is Similar to documentary photography, the style gives Ricos Photography greater artistic license to infuse a particular points of view and style.
  • Edgy-Bold Photography: We are outside-the-box, tilted angles (called “Dutch angles") and unconventional framing. Instead of a straight-on shot of you exchanging vows, the photo is a little tilted with altar arrangement or a candle in the foreground.  Or the focused of the bride zipper, and she zips or button ups the dress. The bridesmaid face could be at the bottom corner and looking into the rest of the crowd.  I photograph all styles of wedding photography. There are times for all styles.  Plus it makes it more enjoyable to view years later.  Depending on the package we can create any style you choose or incorporate all styles.

Call today so we can start preparing taking photos for day you have always dreamed.   You deserve a great photographer..